Why do some people commit suicide these days?

These days, I do not know what goes on in some people’s head but I can assure you that the way some sensitive people are been mocked, stigmatised and ignored, can be a percentage of the reason why some people commit suicide. Nothing worths it at all! The price of that life you take is simply priceless, while you forget that your empty space will leave some close people sad. It is not the fault of someone who is unable to control the way his or her brain thinks which is why we need to talk to them.

A psychiatrist who was on my health show yesterday explained how patients are advised to take their medication as well as visit their clinic for talking session. I asked her what she meant by talking section but she further explained that psychiatrists believe talking about your situation can also work quicker with the medication. Medication and talking therapy are both prescribed by doctors to help patients who are mentally imbalanced. Do not bottle up your problems, please speak to someone who can help you.


What led a woman to commit suicide this morning in Lagos, Nigeria? 

What a sad incident to imagine talk less of watching it happen. Some people were shocked to witness a pretty woman park her expensive jeep on third mainland bridge this morning, before jumping into the lagoon. They claimed the husband who works in one of the major banks in Nigeria realised that none of her children are his, according to DNA test. My advice is this, NO, it is not welcoming at all for a woman to ever treat a man with such hurtful treatment, but why not sit him down and remorsefully tell him the truth? After, the truth, your heart will be relieved and then you introduce the children to their real father/s. NO, the children and husband will not be happy, but wouldn’t the truth be better than committing suicide? Who will look after those lovely children? Women should please stop mocking or stigmatising other women who find themselves in an abusive relationship, love triangle or complex situation. You never know what goes on in their mind or head. Look at the rate of women killing themselves today over debts, bad relationships, violent marriage, or any intimidating situations. 

Do not bottle up, so we can know how to help you!  https://tinuodunuga.blogspot.com/2018/06/go-to-your-therapist-for-talking.html Please do not bottle up. Click that link to watch a video and listen to a psychiatrist on my health show.

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