Unbridled tongue

When you are known to be that person who spills hate, gossip or lies you will be regarded as one who will soon face the consequences of an unruly act. The effect is unfriendly so try to be kind and nice with your words. When you are swift to hear slow to talk, you will never hurt many people. Talk less if you are in an unhappy mood…….anger can’t bring out peaceful words.

Some people use their tongue wrongly by taking their time to find faults in innocent, good people for no reason other than from ulterior motives. No matter how kind or upright that person is, they will criticise or find faults. Their tongue is unbridled and also, they remain hypercritical. Assuming they bridle their tongue, they will understand how to talk kindly or criticise positively in a way to encourage.

An unbridled tongue can lead you into trouble or worse.

I will use myself as an example

For those who want to be honest, the first thing they will say is that ‘Tinu’ is nice but when you get on the wrong side she will not tolerate nonsense because she will tell you off. One thing I do not like is to pretend but at the same time, I will quickly apologise if I see that you are hurt. Sometimes I deliberately keep quiet or evade some certain utterances which can lead to anger. Yes, I put a bridle on my tongue to guide me when in public and also, to restrict me from stepping on wrong toes. Take note that I enjoy talking a lot but constructively! Don’t allow the wrong people to force or torment you until you lose your temper. when you do so, you wouldn’t be able to control your tongue which can reduce your class or tarnish your image. If I can sometimes pretend not to see or hear things that can get me angry, so can you.

We only have one tongue that spills hateful words or loving words

Good and bad words come from one tongue, just like good and bad thoughts fly out of one heart. How can some people constantly use their tongue for evil talk or condemnation, while their heart bear bitterness and evil thoughts? Why don’t they use their tongues to praise, advice, educate, or discuss happily while they leave forgiven space in their hearts?

Good words create peace each time it proceeds from our tongue, but evil words which can cause destruction also comes from that same tongue. These two delicate instruments control the world today: Tongue and Heart! How do you use yours? Use your tongue to promote positiveness!

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