Appreciate those who care for you today 

A lot of things might have been taken for granted back then at home. For instance: When mum dressed you up as a little girl or gets you ready as a boy, you overlooked it. When dad dropped you off school back then it was no big deal to some people. As a grown-up, you eat a meal cooked by your partner and feel that’s normal no need to appreciate, you should appreciate. When you move away from family, travel abroad or lose one of them to death God forbid, you will understand the word appreciation. Being appreciative goes a long way, so appreciate and make those people in your life happy and happier! Appreciation boost motivation. As far as I am concerned, I can never forget all those people who have made an impact one way or the other. Some people stay with you and take part in your progressive stories for a reason, so appreciate them.

Oprah Winfrey was once poor when she was young

Oprah Winfrey was faced with poverty, rape, early teen pregnancy, and the rest while she lived on the farm with her grandmother in Mississippi as a young girl. Her grandmother introduced her to reading at a young age until one day, she spotted a unique talent in Oprah. She said, her grandmother kept telling her she was ‘gifted’, even though she did not understand the word gifted, she became bold and confident today because of the encouragement from her grandmother. Oprah Winfrey is appreciative and she can’t forget such encouragement. Just like my mum who kept telling me to ‘persevere’ while I was young with no knowledge or understanding of that word, I kept persevering. Today, I do appreciate my mum for that encouragement that keeps me going.

Always appreciate those who have impacted in your life.

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