Isn’t it interesting how a young man grows up to an absolute manly gentleman who knows what he is doing? We sometimes don’t take into consideration the hassle or hard work most men go through as being male gender with tougher expectations, and as the first gender created by the creator. In fact, some women will feel relaxed to confront the man about his duties and responsibilities telling him that all heavy responsibilities must be taken care by him. Oh don’t get me wrong, I am not complaining or agreeing but I had to touch on that. I have heard a lot of men happily mention how it is great to feel that ‘ego’ whenever they are able to keep to all expectations of their women at the right time. 

How do you recognise the act of manliness in your man?  

Oh, it is very clear like crystal because the man will be brave, confident, tough, assertive, intelligent, bold, and filled with self-improvement. They are the type of men who hold their responsibilities high enough to make their family proud of them. Such men are reasonable but never like to be taken for granted. For example, my late father taught me how to change the oil in a car, wash cars and learn. Mum taught me what girls should know. The first time I bought a car, I washed it, checked the gauge of oil and water in the radiator. I used to change my tyres whenever I had flat tyres in the past.  

Men should be appreciated 

In fact, it is unfair to make women feel secondary knowing how hefty parts are played by them too but we are highlighting the act of manliness today. Men do surprise me a lot with those activities and performance. Maybe due to their body structure which is masculine. They are strong, warm, masculine and hairy. Always taking care of women in the right way leaving that extra fulfillment which cannot be replaced. I appreciate men so much. They should be appreciated. 


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