There’s a reward if parents discipline their children

You should know how to handle your child because the future will reflect your handiwork on such kid.  When a child is still a child, it is easier to train such child but when you leave that child to misbehave and feel free to disrupt, don’t be surprised to receive numbers of visits from police or even from his or her gang members when he or she grows up to a teenager. It is easier to train, discipline, advice and educate a child before the child grows up to become an unruly teenager who might be difficult to bend. The upbringing you give a child truly matters. 


What leads to unruliness 

When a child is unruly, such child can pose a danger to himself/herself or others if not stopped. It can also prevent such child from being happy because there will be a lot of frustration and unhappiness. Before we start complaining about a child being unruly, we should seek help from a therapist or psychologist first just to be certain that the child is not suffering from Attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD), Depression or anxiety? If so, then the child’s condition is understandable. We cannot blame such child. For those children who are like a spoilt brat, you do need to discipline, advise and speak to them before they turn against you. The first thing to note is the environment, as a child’s behaviour can determine ways a child behaves. it’s like a child who grows up in a house where parents drink and abuse substance, there will be some bad behaviour from that child at a stage in life. Lack of parental care or support can lead to a child’s behavioural problem. Parents should educate their child or children, while they discipline them but above all shower them with good advice, good example, and love. They shouldn’t get away with murder! 


Sometimes changing environment might be wise

Some parents do change the environment and realise their child begins to settle down bit by bit. Don’t leave it too late before your child gets out of hand. Seek the professional help of a psychologist or therapist. Children are all beautiful, put them right. After knowing exactly what can calm your child down better, you might move away from unfavourable scenes to a nicer and peaceful environment where your child will experience better life and well-being!

Please don’t leave it late until your child turns out to be one of those who beat their mother or a son who slaps father or teacher. 

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