You sometimes wonder if the devil is living in some people or what can lead to a spouse or partner murdering the man or woman they once claimed they loved? How do you know the man or woman you walked down the aisle with will end up killing you? 

Please don’t force anyone to return or stay in an abusive relationship these days. Domestic violence leading to death is becoming alarming. It’s happening to the rich and poor. Prevent it. 


Do you know that love can turn to hate in a relationship or marriage?

I know some people will have a different belief, knowing how difficult it sounds. Somwww.tinutinoshow.comeone you once loved, shared everything and trusted undoubtedly might turn out to be that person you can’t stand for a minute? Very hard to digest. If that happens, you have to think twice about ways to resolve it if there’s no abuse or violence in the marriage or relationship. Isn’t it natural, although not nice that it gets to that stage where you believe you are no more on the same page? One person has grown far away from the other. That’s why it helps when both parties share everything, open up and be honest with each other. When you realise you are getting violent, don’t stay there to fuel more bitter scenes because it can spiral out to the deadly outcome. Where there’s betrayals, threats, bully, and violence, one of them might act out of anger. The marriage of Nigella Lawson, one of Britain’s top chef turned from love to hate to the extent that her husband exposed her drug use or addiction, her family life and personal life. That’s the man she once loved? Charles Saatchi is a wealthy art collector who left his second wife for Nigella, but now both are like enemies.  That’s an example of love turned to hate. 

A relationship or marriage where aggressiveness and violence reign mostly is a dangerous one!

According to Shakespeare ‘Lillies that fester smell far worse than weed’ When you see a pretty face or handsome face, it doesn’t constitute a beautiful heart. That’s why you come across a couple all wrapped up today, but divorced tomorrow!  Speak to someone.

The alarming rate of domestic violence which lead to deaths

It is so worrying to even imagine any partner can be capable of killing the other over an argument or conflict? Why? Do you know the rate is high? For instance; 1.9 million people experienced domestic violence in England and Wales, 1.2 women, and 713.000 men. (Ofice of national statistics). One woman dies every three days from domestic violence in France, out of 113 women killed in the United Kingdom last year, 78 was killed by a partner or ex-partner and it is so alarmingly high in Nigeria. Sadly, we are yet to see women and men creating awareness to end deaths. There are organisations that can be funded by the government so that partners who are at a threatening stage, can be listened to or withdrawn from a treacherous environment.  

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