Patients, please do seek second or third consultation to confirm your symptoms are not life-threatening. After the third visit to your doctor/s with persistent symptoms or pains, don’t relent in requesting to meet a specialist. The rate in which patients are misdiagnosed these days is worrisome. You own your body, you own your life, take control of yourself. A doctor can only prescribe or advice according to his or her understanding but sometimes, you need further tests with a specialist or team of specialists depending on your situation.

When you feel unwell or uncomfortable with yourself but your doctor keeps assuring you it’s nothing, please request to see a specialist? Many patients have been misdiagnosed. Safe yourself and family from hands of incompetent doctors.

Every doctor uses a medical vetting method or system to decide on the best way to treat their patients but unfortunately, some doctors are not accurate. If a doctors’ inaccuracy leads to a mild mistake, then that’s okay but it sometimes claims the life of a patient. Who fights for those patients or who brings the patient back. Nothing can bring such patient back but a good lawyer fights the battle. Some patients have been turned to vegetables due to misdiagnosis while some patients are struggling to live a normal life today. 

When your symptoms are like common cold, cough, flu, achy body or running nose, some doctors might have a wrong understanding which leads to misdiagnosis. This is the main reason why you should seek second or third opinion before asking for a referral to a specialist.


How To Prevent Misdiagnosis

The first thing you do is to make sure you check the history of the doctor who is assigned to you as a general practitioner (GP), or family doctor. Be certain he or she is a well-established doctor. 

Sometimes, a medical panel in a government hospital may refuse your referral to meet a specialist, so push harder or request for advice from a good lawyer. Even if your referral is screened and delayed, you have the right to seek medical service privately if you can afford it. Your health matters and your life matters too. Determine how you want to live it appropriately.

Write down your symptoms and don’t be embarrassed to explain each one of them. Show the doctor if you are asked.

Doctors or a specialist will ask you how long it started, be clear and honest?

Don’t be the judge by telling the doctor or specialist what you think it is (NEVER CONCLUDE). I should know, shouldn’t i? I used to do that. Smiles. Don’t do that, leave the specialist to decide so that you get the best treatment. Be free to ask questions. I ask all questions necessary even if some sounds silly, some can be the tough questions sometimes. 


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