Do parents receive a guide-book on how to become best parents when they came to mother earth?

I have heard many role models, rich and famous and public speakers say, children did not come with books or map on how we’ll be their best parent/s. I agree with that undoubtingly. You see, when we were growing up, I remember mum and dad warning me that, if I refuse to listen to their advice and warnings, it might be too late when I grow up. Yes, that’s one of the millions of good advice that I hold on today. Not losing warnings and advises parents gave me. That’s why I also warn and advise my children to listen to valuable advice so that, it will not be too late for them tomorrow when they need that advice. It is easy to understand why some children refuse to yield to our advice knowing it took us a while to trust our parents’ advise too. That takes me to this topic of young people and quick sex.

How do you discourage young people from being irresponsible with sex totally?

I am going to put myself in their shoes first before answering that. Was I truly obedient when I was young? Honestly, I tried to be obedient but I remember those days and nights when my parents were disappointed in my attitude. Never disrespected my parents or for once talked back though. Yep, I feel sorry today for sure. Apparently, maybe due to severe discipline from parents or respect for them, we were not as naughty as most young people of today. They have sex whenever they feel like it without respect for themselves. The outcome when a male and female have sex is leaving the female pregnant. Unexpected pregnancy among young people is not encouraging knowing the hefty responsibility and stress! Older parents get that too but some young people can not cope with either stress or massive responsibilities. They sometimes break down or some of them start maltreating such babies. When you are not ready, remember those sleepless nights, restrictions from a lot of good activities, a stop on your education or career until you decide to continue. Don’t get me wrong babies are beautiful but be ready! 


A young mother recorded herself crying out and saying she wants to walk out on her 2-year-old and 1-year-old kids 

It is sad to watch that video of a young mother blaming some dads for walking away from their children, while they leave mothers alone to cope. She needs psychological attention and support, as she cried uncontrollably while explaining the responsibilities which overwhelm her. In fact, she cried out saying, she wants to walk away from her kids, because she is fed up… That is one of the stressful side those young mothers might find hard to cope with. We, mothers, do break down crying sometimes when all gets too much. No, it doesn’t make us weak but human. Whenever you feel you can’t cope alone, please ask to speak with your GP (general practitioner).


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