A strong public speaker, counselor or motivator can break down too

Yes, we are all humans so don’t think motivators or counselors, or public speakers do not cry. Of course, they are humans too who sometimes need an adviser to put them right. Every human being does cry at some point depending on their situation or problem. We do get emotional when things hit us. Although, we handle situations differently.

Let’s take a  counselor for example, would you say, a counselor also needs counseling or therapy?

Oh dear, I can almost laugh at myself thinking counselors are not created with flesh and blood. Yep, I used to think there are so perfect without problems, challenges or pain, not knowing I was wrong. Aww, poor girl….smiles.

I remember listening to one of the United Kingdom’s best marriage counselors explain how her last marriage lasted for just ten days. You can imagine how she got discouraged, criticised and condemned but she laughed it off. She made it clear that she has genuine reasons best known to her. Every person who goes out to listen to others, or works with them also, needs someone to listen to them at a stage in their life otherwise it can suppress their mood. They might have too much compiled in their heart.

Counselors are trained and well trained to listen to you professionally

I know counselors are trained congruously but don’t forget they are not robots. They do have that time in their life when they will need a help or two but guess what they do? They will take a break so that they will not act unprofessionally. Yes, most counselors are pillars of emotional intelligence and emotional strength but they do have their secrets which are personal to them. They have ways to deal with those untold secrets. Some methods of dealing with them are listed below.

Some points to take on board 

  • A counselor might have his or her own struggles or challenges in life, but they put it aside so that they listen to you professionally.
  • They concentrate on you alone.
  • They undergo regular supervision where client work is discussed so that they will receive the second opinion which will improve their services to the public. 
  • They learn and train to respect and accept their flaws so that they can become compassionate to clients. Although they separate their personal life from work.
  • In case of relationship or marriage breakdown or bereavement, they will be excused until they are connected back to their job. 




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