Who trusts dishonest people?

Have you heard that phrase concerning delicate words and eggs? Yes, we grew up to understand how . Once such egg or eggs fall and break, you can never repair them. That’s how it is when you continuously refuse to be honest with your words. Some people will lie or promise you heaven and earth with no intention of keeping it, but the following day, they deny saying it. Why do you even bother? It can be dangerous to some sensitive people who have planned for certain things believing you will either help them or support them as promised. Being dishonest with your words can push good people away from you because good people will not like to be seen with liars. They know you can destroy their good reputation.


Sometimes, we all make promise/s but might be unable to keep

Some unforeseen circumstances can lead to many disappointments, such as not been able to keep to certain promises. That’s not the same as deliberately hurting some people without remorse. Why leave people to be broken hearted? 


Some reasons why dishonest people lose their good friend

First of all, I will say that I cannot stand liars. If i realise someone lies a lot, I will rather move aside. A liar cannot be trusted for several reasons. For example, a liar can never boldly work with on intensive project where honest opinion or criticism is requested. I have heard people say, if you lie, you will steal! How many liars steals? In fact, you can’t trust a dishonest person or a liar to confess the truth to you if anything is missing. A good friend will need honest opinions about certain things but a dishonest person isn’t capable of rendering that. Another reason why good friends will likely move away from dishonest people is that they do know a truthful information will be far away from a dishonest person. That means a dishonest person will mess a good team up. I personally will not be seen with liars or dishonest people. Try to stick to the truth. Yes, everyone tells a little lie or two but we are referring to certified liars.


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