Obviously, you know it is so cool and mint to be rich and famous don’t you? Except deception is far from the truth isn’t it? Let’s start from here, don’t judge the book by its cover. Yes, stay where you are without fantasizing about the impossible aspect. it’s like illusion sometimes when you think those rich and famous people are without their own troubles or worries. Let’s use Robin Williams as an example, our favourite comedian until he took his life. He ran into debt and struggled with depression sadly.

Some things you don’t know about the rich and famous

1, Some rich and famous people do have an unpaid loan: Kanye West was $53.million in debt in 2016 and he is still in debt.

2, Robin Williams had a terrible money problem and was almost bankrupt before he committed suicide, unfortunately.

3, Famous Charlie sheen from sitcom ‘two and a half men’ owe $12 million including mortgages, tax, and healthcare.

Some of them are not always happy with their private life or love life: I take Robin Williams, Whitney Houston and Diana Princess of Wales as examples. May their souls rest in peace.

They have their challenges: Behind that unimaginable extravagance, there’s a challenge or two they battle with.

When you see the diamond, you always wish or pray for such, but what you see sometimes do not guarantee that such rich and famous person is truly rich and happy! It’s nice to be able to get what you want anytime don’t forget. All you see is the sweet face, all you smell is soft fragrance but not every one of them is living peacefully and freely as they wish. Diana, the Princess of Wales was our princess in Britain back in the 90s and we loved every bit of her style until she was killed on August 31st 1997. We don’t know if she was killed or murdered but her life was cut short. 

Donald Trump’s companies have filed for bankruptcy six times

Let’s state the dates here, Trump Taj Mahal casino in Atlantic city did file for bankruptcy in 1991, in 1992, several of his hotels and casinos filed for bankruptcy again, and the same pattern in the year 2004 and 2009. Trump has now been the president of America since 2016.


Many famous people like Will Smith and Lady Gaga have once been broke before they bounced back. You can bounce back too!

Will Smith was given £2.1 million ($2.8 million bill) by internal revenue service (IRS) which he was asked to pay back. He was in debt until he had the role in ‘The fresh prince of Bel-Air’ which made it easy for the debt to be paid after three years.  He is in the clear now.  Lady Gaga was technically bankrupt during her Monsters Ball tour in 2009. She had £2.3 million to her name which she spent all on making the stage. After the show, Arthur Fogel wrote her a cheque of $40 million which is £30.6 million. Of course, when she went bankrupt people were talking about her. Mike Tyson owed £18 million in 2003 which include British tax, IRS, divorce settlement of  £6.9million and more. He cleared it all over ten years and he also went to rehab. The list is almost endless, it means you can bounce back from any financial setback. Don’t give up!

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