Controversy on Windrush immigration

Some Caribbeans who arrived in the united kingdom in 1948 legally, are now faced with deportation. Some of them had been left in the detention camp for so long, while some are refused the right to NHS free treatment. In fact, an example is Mr. Anthony Bryan who has been living in united kingdom legally over 52  years until two years ago when he was denied the right to a renewal of his passport. He claimed that he was arrested and locked up in a detention camp. Such horrific detainment left Mr. Anthony Bryan shocked and confused. He arrived legally from Jamaica in 1966 but suddenly faced with such mess.

According to David Lammy, some of those who arrived from Jamaica in 1948 came in as British troops but unfortunately, they are denied free NHS treatment and most are now treated appallingly due to threats of deportation. It really is sad knowing that they belong to the United Kingdom, why deport them to a country some of them have left behind almost 70years ago? Where do they begin from? This needs to be addressed and reformed immediately. 

I am proud of prime minister Mrs. Theresa May for apologizing to victims of Windrush immigration

The prime minister has apologized to victims who have faced such abhorrent treatment, which was used by new rules to the immigration system.  Mrs. May said she is ‘genuinely sorry for the anxiety caused by the Home Office threatening the children of Commonwealth citizens with deportation’. She said those who have arrived from the Caribbean to Britan before 1973 and lived here permanently without significant periods of time away in the last 30 years have the right to remain in the united kingdom.  That’s more like it! Smiles.

I personally am sorry too because it must have been frightening for those elderly citizens who have no clue where to turn to suddenly. No wonder some referred to it as Windrush scandal. Thanks to David Lammy and others. Thanks to Theresa May too.



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Olutoye Walrond · 17 April 2018 at 5:26 PM

It is simply incredible that this could even raise its ugly head at all. Didn’t it occur to the johnny who started it all that it was just wrong? How can you deport someone who’s been living in your country for half a century and contributing to it, especially if they are from one of your colonies?
The Windrush migration is a closing chapter in British-Caribbean history. Read all about it in my book WESTMINSTER’S JEWEL – The Barbados Story, rated five star on Amazon and by other readers.

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