Why are those young people killing themselves? 

I can sincerely tell you that it is impossible for any parent, carer or relative to be happy if one of their children dies or get killed.  No, it wouldn’t make anyone happy. These days, young people as young as ten years old carry knives bolldly with intention to use it. Is that right?  Are parents scared of disciplining their children due to tough law which tightens their hands or what? 

Who do we blame?

Mostly,  people blame parents which might be understandable but don’t forget all blames can’t be thrown at parents alone.  Some parents once told me that the government and its law has lead to loophole  in disciplining their children. They said children are withdrawn from parents to be dropped at care homes where children learn to live freely without respect for elders or themselves.  Some parents blame it on unruly young people who are adamant that they will live their lives as they wish.  Some put the blame on absentee fathers.  Above all, we all need to sit down and plan a way forward. 


Young people need education, love  and empowerment programmes 

Are there enough programmes to develop those young people? ,Are there enough jobs for them?  Is poverty a cause?  Who is their role model? These are the areas to address! Also,  they need to be loved and taken care of. 

What’s the cause of those morbid killings of our young people these days in London?
Over 50 killings have been recorded in 2018. Mostly young blacks either gunned down or stabbed
How can young people live peacefully without getting involved in violence?  We all need to be concerned.  Very sad. 


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