Tears flows as many hear of the demise of Winnie Madikizela Mandela this afternoon

Tears keeps dropping as many  remember the struggle Winnie and late Nelson Mandela went through for decades while Nelson Mandela was in prison. Both of them fought for rights of South Africans.
What got many people teary is the demise of Winnie Mandela who was the first wife of late Nelson Mandela an anti- apartheid activist who came out of prison after 27 years inside. Released in February 1990! Although, Nelson Mandela was later a pronounced president of South Africa with great respect from many.
Nelson Mandela an anti apartheid activist, was wrongfully imprisoned for almost 30 years In prison, and on his release, his wife back Winnie was seen joyfully holding hands with him until the marriage of nearly 38 years crashed due to many reasons including alleged corruption and infidelity.

Winnie Mandela joined politics

She joined politics where her reputation became tainted politically and legally.. Some said she had major ‘whims’. She was found guilty of deadly crimes which led to reason why Nelson Mandela divorced her publicly! 

Winnie Mandela dies at aged 81.

Sadly, Winnie Mandela dies after a long illness. Her personal assistant made it public. She was born in Transkei, Eastern Cape, in 1936.
Rest in peace Winnie Mandela. Although, you weren’t loved by some people few did love you. . For example; noble laureate retired Archbishop Desmond Tutu describes her as a symbol of struggle against apartheid.

Winnie Mandela was divisive due to her violent comments during campaigns where she mentioned necklace and matches meaning,  burning opponents.  Some defined her as racist while some called her mama Winnie of Africa. Above her, she wasn’t a friend to police!  

Rest in peace Winnie Mandela. 


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