You know how it is sometimes when your mind is permanently closed over an incident without accepting  any reason to leave it open again? Some  will make that harsh decision without taking into account the hefty repercussion.  Yes, for instance, you made  up your mind that you will never  talk to a friend who once betrayed your trust, but unbeknown to you, you cut off your  friend without  realising the grave reason why she called you. Days later, you realised she was having a seizure and your number was the only one she struggled to call but since you adamantly said ‘i can’t, I wouldn’t and I will never speak to her again, she landed in coma.  No it isn’t your fault but news came to you that you could have saved her  if you rushed to her since you have details of her medical history and you are a doctor who knows what to do.

Never say, never again!

It is wise to be flexible with our decisions sometimes especially,  if it’s more of a revengeful action or punishment.  Leaving room for forgiveness makes the path smooth, but dwelling on the past or pains we suffered from certain people will only build up bitter fruits. We might need each other’s help one day because that’s inevitable. You can’t predict tomorrow so leave your mind open with hope of being helpful to that friend or person who hurt you once.


What leads to harsh decisions? 

A lot can be the reason/s for taking harsh decisions which can be interpreted as severe or cruel but it doesn’t mean the person who made such decision is the guilty one.  No, when you listen to some stories,  their harsh decision will become understandable. When you are being bitterly offended by someone close to you, it really will hurt you and that’s one reason some people close their mind permanently without lifting a finger even if that friend or person who once hurt them need help.

  • Make your decision wisely without saying, I can’t,  I wouldn’t and I will never! 



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