Let’s get one thing clear here. Age, Wealth, Flashy cars, Designer wears/gears, Mansion, or Posh vacations are material things which don’t define your class or knowledge. That doesn’t even constitute to your ability to motive or inspire others. Let’s read on to see how one can be qualified as an inspirational person or a motivator.

How can you define a true motivator 

When someone has a goal of improving others or making one difference or two, that shows the person is focused.  When someone refuses to listen to others but do all the talking, that person isn’t qualified to be a motivator, because a motivator listens. When you listen to others, you will learn one or two things that can be useful to inspire others too. A good motivator will listen and encourage you where you are unclear. He or she will support you, without putting you down or discouraging you. When you get motivated, you are able to perform better in things you do. Also, a good motivator will be accountable for his or her mistakes/faults without looking for excuses. That’s part of showing a good example.

Don’t allow wrong people to discourage you with their misinformation

Believe in your judgment, once you are certain that you have done the right thing.  Be free and real with yourself without taking too much notice of fake display of photos that make some people look perfect, or happy, or photos that make some people look holy and honest. Real life events and activities matter most not those photos. Don’t trust every story you read on social media either. Focus on you and all that belongs to you alone. Some people preach with holy book’s quotations but they do the opposite. Some pretend to be best couples with marital advice but their lifestyle or relationship off social media is not welcoming. Some advise you against smoking cigarettes but snort cocaine like tobacco. Some advice you against fornication but just finished in a threesome session. Some advice you against borrowing but they are good at shoplifting. Please, know what is wrong from what is right without following fake advisers on social media! Tinu Odunuga.

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