Yes, this is a true story! A mother-in-law who loves her only son deeply has come to realise that the wife has been taking him for granted for some years. The problem on the ground is that the son feels it is okay for life to treat him unfriendly since marriage can sometimes appear slightly unstable according to circumstances of life. She walked in on the wife and here is what she saw.

Mother found her son washing wife’s smalls while wife was sitting down sipping wine with a male friend

Some people will say, it is not a black thing or African thing for men to wash their women’s smalls but I feel that’s down to both partners without third-party interference, isn’t it? Your opinion might be different to mine. But listen to this; She saw the son washing the smalls(knickers), while the husband was washing those smalls, wife called him to check the dinner to make sure it doesn’t burn. She then asked him to bring his mobile phone for her to check his calls. Well, if you are used to some stories you will understand when some people say there’s ‘JAZZ’ working somewhere? Some people believe it’s a spell used to control people wickedly for their selfish interests or gains. It could be love, couldn’t it? Smiles. Why would a loving wife sit back to watch her husband or partner go through so much after a hard day at work? She doesn’t do anything according to the mother-in-law. Can’t they work together in unity and love? Well, the husband said he is scared of confronting the wife hence the reason why his mum has stepped into the box, to ensure she separates them permanently. 

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True life story with Tinu Odunuga!

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