This is for parents or carers of those unruly disrespectful youths living in Nigeria. You open your eyes and watch them running after tainted politicians and leaders who destroy their future but little do you know that those leaders or politicians using them, will never allow their children to marry them. They fight opponents while those leaders who sent them on errands will hug and shake hands during meetings, they send their own children abroad but yours will find it difficult to secure a place in the university. Their daughters marry children of opponents regardless religious difference but yours will be on the streets fighting and killing each other. They travel abroad to celebrate their children’s graduation but yours are roaming the street. Can’t you see that they refuse to empower or nurture your children because yours might come out more successful than their children and themselves, hence their fear that you will take their position which they are keeping for their children?  Wake up and withdraw your children from captives of demonic leaders who are draining all their positive energy. Click 

 One day, a politician said I should not waste my time, resources or money on those youth in Nigeria because they do not worth it. He went on to say, they will insult me and not show appreciation. Rather I should donate to beggars on the street during Christmas time like he does. The irony here is that all his children are here in the united kingdom. He proudly celebrates them on Facebook and other social media. What a melancholic situation the youth find themselves. 

Youths wake up and become heroes we are yearning for in the society

Can’t you see how bright your future is without running after fake pastors, fake imams or fake leaders? Can’t you work with the few good upright ones who have good intention for you? Common, take the bull by its horn and progress in life. Your education matters more. Your job or business should be your focus, please concentrate and become tomorrow’s leaders.

Look at M.T, Mbu who became Nigeria’s high commissioner to United.Kingdom at 26 years of age,  Shehu Shagari became one of Nigeria’s minister around 35 years of age and many more. This is the time to wake up youths, form a progressive group without tribal or religious conflicts so that you will have a brighter future. 



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