I always make friends, family, associates, and colleagues understand that everyone has a cross to bear. We might look all radiant or perfect outside but who knows what goes on in our mind? A lot does happen in one’s life that it sometimes become unbearable. Yes, some people will not feel comfortable to express themselves to anyone no matter how discreet the person may be. Don’t forget that if you bottle up, it becomes really dangerous, to the extent that it pushes some people to mental home. Some people get so depressed and gloomy or some might abuse drugs. This is the parish, click. https://youtu.be/bVubP2x9Zjc

Stennett Kirby has always been a man who will greet you with a smile and humility 

I felt reluctant to even write this blog but for the fact that Mr. Kirby has never for once had any scuffle with some of us who knew or some who came across him on some Sundays, it is right to add my piece. Hopefully, one or two words here might make a positive difference. The last time I met Mr. Kirby recently, he walked past me with a smile as we both said ‘HELLO’ to each other. If you ask thirty people about this man, I can assure you, more than 82% will praise him.


What forced  Rev Kirby to derail from Christianity and move straight to high-addictive drugs?

To begin with, maybe his friends and family can explain or understand why such a 64-year-old humble man turned to a drug addict under the nose of those who so much respected and trusted him?  What is bothering him? The point is this, who will help him through the journey of recovery? How does he get the best counselling without ending up been unable to cope with the repercussion of his actions which will hit him hard soon?  He might end up losing his £1.5m Diocese -Owned house which might set him back worse since his salary or wages might end too. How can he cope out there as a black man doing drugs? I pray he finds help without ending homeless out there. If you are closer to him, this is the time to help him, please…….. I am begging you!  He should have at least exonerated himself from God’s work before the world disgraced him.

So heartbreaking. You might send your advice in the comment box.


Ola Oduwole · 19 February 2018 at 9:09 PM

He needs prompt support – urgent help and intervention.
He is no longer on control and has sunk to a low ebb.
Kicking him out of the church now will probably throw him into a deep abyss where he will find it inordinately challenging to come out of.

Tinu · 19 February 2018 at 9:49 PM

Yes, Ola, I agree. That’s the fear. Really sad that he couldn’t find anyone to confide in before it got of hand .

Ikechukwu · 19 February 2018 at 11:53 PM

I believe he must have felt disapointement in the people around him and possibly also felt abandoned by Heaven. Christianity is not Bed of Roses but a hard way to Eternal Life. That’s why we must carry our Cross. Every Christian should have thus in mind, Even Christ suffered abandonment and dezth on the Cross. Rev Kirby should be taken to rehabilitation Center. Then he should amend ways with God.and go back to his mission.

    TinuTino · 20 February 2018 at 5:15 PM

    Thank you so much for your honest response Ikechukwu. No, Christianity is not a bed of roses. May God help him through.

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