Don’t you think there are benefits for showing appreciation to someone who blessed you with gifts, support, information or kindness?  I am someone who also shows appreciation by sending text messages or making calls to share kind words to whoever makes me happy. We human beings have different ways of saying thank you and it is not a religious thing. You don’t have to be a Christian, Muslim, Buddhist, Traditionalist or Atheist to show appreciation to someone who helps you. You don’t want someone who helped you to feel underappreciated.


Appreciating God as a religious person does matters

When we were growing up, our parents taught us how to appreciate people, especially our elders by kneeling down as ladies, while men prostrate to elders as a sign of appreciation. That’s Yoruba culture, from Western Nigeria.There’s a proverb I grew up to understand in Yoruba, “Bi a ba dupe oo re ana, a ri emi gba” (Meaning; If we say, thank you, for a gift of yesterday, we will be given another gift for showing appreciation). we human beings will be happy when someone says thank you, how much more God our creator? He loves appreciation too. In the Bible; Psalms 106v1 Praise the Lord. “Oh give thanks to the Lord for He is good, for His steadfast love endures forever”! When we thank God, we will be showing how grateful we are, and proving He is worthy! The more we thank God, the more innumerable blessings will flow.


Three benefits of showing appreciations

  • When you say thank you, the person will feel motivated. You know some people say, they are discouraged because someone they helped sounded ungrateful? Motivate them so others can gain too.
  • Saying thank you, or showing gratitude will increase the person’s self-esteem. You will make the person feel more confident without regretting that he or she helped you.
  • Showing gratitude or appreciation actually makes us feel good and the person who helps you feels good too. 20% of Americans rate gratitude as a positive and constructive emotion compared to 50% of Europeans. Robert Emmons, a gratitude researcher, believes gratitude doesn’t just make us happier, it is happiness in and of itself.
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