When I was growing up, it was just compulsory to follow parent’s order. They laid down laws which weren’t easy sometimes because we felt our freedom and social life were squashed. What was social life back then? Other than walking with friends in a group to cafeteria or canteen to meet other friends for gist. Although, parents took us to the funfair, outings and holidays. We were not allowed to have fun like children of this generation. That’s part of the religious routine. We will wake up around 6 am in the morning and have a family prayer which will be repeated at night before going to bed after 8 pm or so. I remember when I was an innocent teenager I was given this Bible over 36 years ago; in Ayo ni o. 


Every family had their religion back then but ours has always been Christianity

As a ChristianI have always understood the need for prayer and fasting. In fact, we faced restrictions from social life as teenagers since we had strict disciplinarians as parents who trained us according to Christian way of life. Maybe I personally might not have appreciated the strength or need for hefty concentration on prayer until I grew up, but at least today, I know better. I can see why we Christians devote our time to worshiping and praying.In fact, the time of lent which is this season that started on Ash Wednesday, February 14th is the time where we become so subtle and forgiving. We do solemnly surrender all our supplications to God and show our appreciation of the son of God, Jesus Christ. Who died for our sins and rose the third day. It refreshes us and reassure us. Prayer rejuvenates our minds and uplifts our hopes.


Does prayer get answered?

According to Mathew 7;7 “Ask and it will be given, seek and you will find, knock the door and it will be opened to you”! This is one of my favorite passages which I hold so high to heart whenever I am praying. I believe every word of it just like I believe every word in the bible as a sinner, yet a Christian. 

Yes, prayer gets answered. Mine does!

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