Why would you allow negative utterances to draw you back from your goals?

Once you have made up your mind that you are soaring higher in life, you should focus on that goal.

No, you shouldn’t even feel guilty or worried when some people keep removing themselves from your team, group, circle or list. Don’t you know some of those you call good friends aren’t true friends until they prove themselves worthy? George Washington quotes: ‘Be courteous to all, but intimate with few and let those few be well tried before you give them your confidence’. Yes, they would have played that special part in your life which keeps reminding you how blessed you are to have them? 



Not all those who laugh with you can be trusted as true friends

I have seen three close friends of over 18 years betray one of them. Two of them planned against the third one until they broke up her relationship with her boyfriend and one of them started befriending the man. Ask yourself if you know exactly what will be said when your back is turned? The important thing is you be a good person everywhere you go. Amend your mistakes and be a better person. Those with good friends are few, but cherish them, because they are few left today! Smiles.



Don’t allow people and their negative utterances to kill your joy or hope

Some people are jealous that you refuse to give up on your dreams like they have done or annoyed that your voice is louder and it’s making sense in some people’s ears. So why allow them to drag you back? Don’t give them the chance.  Be happy to soar higher with the hope that you will remain up there progressively. Those you left down will not be happy that’s why they try to bring you down with negative words, but learn to ignore. Open your mind to positives of life and free your mind. Yes, we have made mistakes in the past but a good friend will constantly encourage you to remain hopeful not drag you back by reminding you how bad you were in the past. You can never feel less worthy!


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