You will always reap what you sow in life. If you take care of your woman, she will be happy and appreciate you (a good woman will)! I usually remind some people that when they feel a woman has changed from soft or caring to inexorable, the fault is on the man who turned her like that. You will teach her how to become stronger, firmer and independent like you see many successful women today, who are either unmarried or divorced! A lot of them are alone but not desperate, you see.

There’s a difference between an independent woman and a wayward woman who isn’t a wife material

Some men have drained the best out of some women, which landed those women in a mental home, while some women are either stronger or some out there treating the next man as a scapegoat.

An independent woman respects men and everyone she comes across. She takes control of everything in her capacity if it means she must struggle through. A wayward woman sleeps around with little or no regard for herself and others. 

Some women are raised to be wives but some of them decided to remain independent since more men are springing out to constantly maltreat them. 

Reasons why some women stay independent and unmarried

In the past, more men showed interest in their children, unlike today where some men walk out on their family without looking back to check if their children are okay. You see, a lot of single mothers today are doing a good job by raising their children alone but bear in mind the fault lies in both parents’ hands. 

When men refuse to handle situations at home, women will do it themselves. Housing, mortgage, rent, food, bills, school fees, home DIY like painting, electrical stuff, and gardening. How can she throw all that away to transit to sticking to an unserious man? Life isn’t stagnant. You must be capable and able to handle that sort of independent woman. Most of us have made mistakes but common, we are improved and developed today. 


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