Life comes with its complexity just like men do. There are multitude reasons and variations why most men cheat but cheating is never the antidote to repairing any damaged relationship or marriage. If you believe that every marriage or relationship is great judged by photos, updates or videos you see on social media like facebook, it’s half-truth, but some couples are happy together! Some people ask this question, why do men cheat and why do ladies befriend or date a married man? Firstly, in my opinion, and with my experience in life, a man might be married to a good woman but still go out there to cheat, because most men enjoy lies and game. 


Some reasons why men cheat

  1. Some men are not sincerely happy at home that’s why they cheat.
  2. Some men are married to a wrong woman meaning, she is a wrong choice who makes his life hell. His family might have imposed her on him, or even he made that choice on impulse.
  3. Some women refuse to please their men sexually (rejection). 
  4. Some women have decimated the trust their men had for them.
  5. Some men are ‘insecure’ because they feel ‘old’ at a stage in life. They cheat to feed their insecurity.
  6. Some men feel they can’t be in a monogamous relationship, hence their excuse to cheat.


Women stop being immature by disturbing your boyfriend’s wives. 

You shouldn’t even be playing that ‘game’ with those type of men to begin with but you make it worse by calling their women. Put yourself in their shoes ‘girls’, common! Click

Men are to be blamed to an extent, especially those who refuse to treat their girlfriends well. Maybe they slept with the lady’s daughter, sister or friend, that will undebatably trigger anger. Women, please stop being bitter towards each other. You can’t sleep with a husband and report to the wife out of jealousy of furiousness. ‘Don’t break a good home so your daughter/s can enjoy a good one’ says, Tinu Odunuga. 


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