Let me quickly discuss our youth days in Nigeria.

The first time I ever had a knowledge of my fatherland and motherland Nigeria, was in the early 70s when we left the United Kingdom to visit Nigeria. It was a beautiful and ‘Haven’ country back then in the 70s when we were growing up there. Our parents really disciplined us by either punishing us, smacking or beating us whenever we disobeyed or misbehaved. We had everything to make us happy but these six major factors in life were in abundance: Food, Education, Love, Electricity, Security, and Discipline. We never heard of immorality or undisciplined young people insulting or talking back to their elders, like most of them do today. 

Unfortunately, I get utterly disappointed with the poor-mannerisms displayed by most of today’s youth in Nigeria. Contrary to that, we have very educated well-mannered, eloquent and successful young people in Nigeria. So why can’t the unruly ones emulate them?


Can we blame the government for their undisciplined behaviour?

Certainly, to some extent, I have shed tears after watching how some young people suffer in school, university, brutality from police and even in the society.  They are deprived of employment, resources, love, and education. How do they develop themselves personally, where cynicism and nepotism reign in many places? It’s unfair that some politicians and wealthy people use them as weapons of destruction for their opponents, but after a picayune amount of money ha been paid to them,  they discard them. Although, there’s a slim chance for opportunities.


Why do we hear of an alarming number of young people getting high on methylated spirits mixed with coca-cola today?

Some of those young people in Nigeria now moved from codeine to methylated spirits mixed with Coca-Cola to get them high? Maybe, there’s little to nothing left for them to do productively? No wonder almost 59% of them are damn mannerless and ignorant.  In our days, all we needed was just a good score in class or to lead academic school quiz!  Methylated spirits (methol) is a mixture of ethyl alcohol of 95%). Methyl is only 5% but poisonous. It’s highly flammable liquid and vapour.


Hints from Tinu Odunuga to young people in Nigeria

  • They must rather educate themselves, learn to take pains and struggles, as the outcome will be blossomed and profitable. 
  • They should get empowered by schemes and programmes around them.
  • They should learn more about themselves and discover their talent/s.
  • They shouldn’t feel dismayed.
  • Stop it right there, say ‘NO’ to deadly substance.
  • Parents, where are your children? Are you good example to them? Listen and help them.

The government needs to invest in developing the young people in Nigeria as they remain tomorrow’s leaders. 


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