How does it feel when your voice is not heard regardless how loud you shout? People like Muhiyidin Moye and others are those activists who try to use their voices and resources like a  shield that prevent from facing harsh attacks from injustice and racism. Black lives matter is a global network where blacks have the opportunity to discuss, network, interact, and share opinions which expose violence, racism, and hate which is inflicted on blacks. They protest peacefully against unlawful killings of innocent blacks. It’s all about liberation and prevention of oppression.


Rest in peace our hero! Let’s give Moye one minute silence….. click the link. 


BLM(Black lives matter) activist leader Moye 32, took confederate flag from a protester in south California February 2017

Muhiyidin Moye was arrested by police last year February after he jumped over police yellow tape, before he ran over on CNN camera to pull down a Confederate flag from the opposition.  He became prominent from that hour! Moye was used to organizing civil rights rallies. He wanted transparency for blacks, and also, the truth regarding the north Charleston officer Michael Slager who was caught on camera shooting Walter Scott in the back while he was frightfully fleeing. In the wake of so much wrongful killings of innocent blacks, mistaken identity, and alarming police brutality, it is only wise to support black lives matter activists who are not scared to express themselves truthfully. But who supports them when they get killed or attacked like Moye? Oh, blacks around the globe, have lost a bold brother!

Moye was shot in the leg while riding his bike around early hours on Tuesday

According to his cousin, he was riding his bike around 1am on Tuesday in Louisiana city where he was shot in the leg. Been a tough leader, he kept riding with the heavy bleeding from the gun shot but unfortunately, he died in the hospital. There are motives but who and why kill him?

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