Not all Africans are blacks, hope you know that? But, we are all one!

Below are ten things you might not know about black/Africans

1 Black/Africans believe in the history of their forefathers, poets, leaders, and civil activists like Dr. Martin Luther King Jr, Poet Maya Angelou to suffice.

2, They are respectful That’s the reason why you see many parents who discipline their children appropriately. 

3, They appreciate homemade food. Spices, salt, pepper, and herbs will go well with good food. When a black person cooks, their’s hardly room for dessert.

4, Their children are their priority. Black/Africans cherish their children

5, Afro hair or clean hair truly matters to them. Women will take time to make sure their hair looks good either with an extension or natural. Women mostly learn how to braid, fix, plait or weave. Men enjoy cutting styles, shaping sides or leaving as an afro. The bottom line is that either a male or female Black/African, their hair will be one of their priorities.

6, They are resilient and hardworking: A black/African person will do anything for money, mostly legal, for your information. 

7, They are innovators and inventors. List of some black innovators and inventors. Black/Africans are creative and inventive.

8, They are ever so great as dancers: Now, this isn’t debatable is it? I am not slim but I can sure dance well. Smiles 

9, Magnitude percentage of Black/Africans are world leading athletes You see them when watching NFL, NBA, track & field. Anthony Olufemi Joshua is unified world heavyweight champion, Lawrence Okolie, Mike Tyson, Mohammed Alli, Simone Biles, Serena Williams, Venus Williams and loads more. 


10, Black/Africans are intelligent and educated. We have high achievers and scholars amongst us. According to a report in HuffPost. “42% of African immigrants have bachelor’s degree or higher, while 33% of Americans do. but immigrants from Nigeria have 60%”. 


Are Black Africans appreciated by others?

Unfortunately, there are some people who take black/Africans for granted through Invidious treatments like, prosecuting innocent ones, bullying, raping ladies, or even police brutality. We should join hands to help our sisters and brothers.

Above all, black Africans are good people full of love! 


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