This is an anecdote

I was in my 20s back then 31 years ago when I newly returned to the United Kindom as a pretty young lady. You would have mistaken me for a non-African with my dressing back then because, I wore loads of pearls, beads, big earrings on a mini top, and heels. My favourite top was a yellow blouse-top with a V-shape on both sides, worn on pink tights and funny boots.

Earphones did put me in trouble on a train

If you remember that small black cassette player we had back in the 80s, I am sure you know what I mean, don’t you? 



 When I take certain steps today, some people say, I show off, some say I am posh, some say I am nice, some say strict, some say I am receptive but I say, I am ‘me’! If you truly know me well, you will realise I do not pretend. 

I got all dressed up to visit a friend one evening, while I was listening to this specific song ‘computer love’ by Zapp and Roger. I wasn’t too clear with every word, bear in mind I only newly returned to the U.K after some years away in Nigeria. The accent back then wasn’t as smooth as my accent today.

I was singing ‘computer love’ by Zapp and Roger; nodding my head with earphones so stuck in my ears with the volume on the highest so I was oblivion to the noise at all, though I saw faces in front of me. staring and laughing hysterically.

Some people were laughing, some people were shaking their heads while some were shocked, but this nice and bold Rastafarian man was laughing, and pointing his hand to call my attention, suddenly he said, you are singing loud. I asked if he could hear me singing loud? He said ‘not just me but everyone on da train’! I was shocked because I sang rubbish and some in Yoruba plus gibberish, thinking I was the only one listening to the loud music.

Imagine, when you freely sing gibberish mixed with the right words, oh sugar. Laughing.

You can laugh too but don’t let me catch you or else you will sing it word for word!


Add your joke and joke.

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TinuTino · 6 February 2018 at 12:25 PM

I wasn’t sure what got over me but I certainly couldn’t wait to get off the train. Smiles.

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