Before I begin, let me add here that a good man or woman will always remind you of how much you mean to him or her. He or she will inspire you to be better in your aspiration. He or she will prove that they are trustworthy! We should know who we are first, before looking at those qualities we need in a partner.

Visible signs of a good man or woman 

A good man makes you happy regardless what bothers you.
He will cherish you and respect you for who you are, not because of what he can gain from you.
He will love your children, family, and you.
He will support your dream without feeling intimidated.
He will listen to you without cheating on you.

A good woman

She will love you for who you are and not what she can gain from you. She will respect you as a man. A good woman will love your in-laws, family, friends, and you. She will be accommodating, caring and helpful. 

What are the traits of unreliable men and women? 

He will get drunk each night
He rapes, beats or assault a woman
He sleeps with his relation or daughter (He takes part in incest)
He rejects his partner constantly for selfish reason
He gossips and badmouths women
He exhorts money from women out of deception
He refuses to work
He abandons his children
What type of man are you?

Unreliable women

She beats her man
She maltreats her man
She causes chaos everywhere she goes
She rejects her children
She picks a lover over children and later abandons those children
She uses voodoo or jazz to control a man’s mind
She refuses to please her man sexually for her selfish reason 
She sells her self to strangers


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