I remember one of those teasing names I was called when growing up was double-dutch.  As time went by, I grew up to understand myself better but one thing I took a note of is to make sure everyone could hear me clearly.

Reason one

Some partners or spouses are so good at namecalling their women or men forgetting everyone has feelings which can be affected if or when they are decorated with too many hurtful names over incident or mistake. If you call your partner a slow coach constantly, it could affect the confidence, especially if it’s a medical issue. You might need to calm down and understand that we are not all wired to behave or think the same way. If you’re not happy with a slow person, then don’t stick with a slow person otherwise, you have to adapt and enjoy each other. 

Reason two

You need a clear mind each day and night without accumulating negative tags or namecalling.  What is the point of accepting that you are a failure because someone at work kept tagging you as a failure? It will kill the incentive if you are not a strong person, so don’t accept that you can’t be better. You can actually ameliorate yourself and become a new person that you deserve to be. Don’t allow anyone to bring you down with negative words.  For instance, you call a friend and all he or she can see in the video is something wrong with your face? While a better friend sees a lovely face, I’m sure you will stick to the latter. So choose your friends or partner/spouse carefully but reject negative namecallings.

I enjoy talking constructively today but I still talk fast occasionally although that teasing nickname made me courteous of myself!


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