Who is Anthony Oluwafemi Joshua?

Anthony Oluwafemi Joshua was born on 15th October 1989. 

You will understand me better if you are familiar with Nigerian families. First, Nigerian parents will discourage you to join the army and never will they encourage you to become a boxer. They will rather encourage you to become a doctor, lawyer or engineer. These days, they are reducing their grip though. I can imagine how Anthony Joshua’s family members were feeling in those early days especially when he was found guilty of possession of drugs. Fortunately for him, the judge saw success on his forehead with hope in his sober eyes, hence the reason for giving him another chance.

Anthony Joshua grabbed that crucial opportunity

He took the opportunity to become a better person and ameliorated himself. He is a heavyweight champion with (international boxing federation) IBF title since 2016. In life, some people do face those dark days which prolongs suffering and restrictions until the last day when you decide you have had enough. That is exactly what Anthony did with himself, he grabbed that opportunity and became a winner today.

Don’t let go of that opportunity

It is that time we all look at the bright side mostly taking into consideration that challenges are inevitable. We must get used to perseverance more than giving in to setbacks easily. There is no successful person who has never experienced painful times once or twice in their life before. Some people will tell you how they nearly gave in to challenges but suddenly they realised there are better ways to overcome. It is your right to succeed in your dreams, go ahead and succeed like Anthony Joshua.

Wishing all you hard working people the best in life. Don’t let go.

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