Make the most of every moment and try to be that person you want to be. Don’t allow wrong partner, spouse, or addiction to hold you in bondage. No, you are not too old to be happily connected to that choice you deserve. Don’t allow anyone to bring you down! ‘Try’, like Dolly Parton sang. ‘You have to try’.

Move away from abusive relationship or marriage, just like you must move away from negative addictions 

Leave that wrong circle, regardless any weight they use to drag you down, return home and be happy.  Face the consequences and don’t run away from the truth. Whatever the problem is, make the best decision by putting yourself first. Sometimes, it hurts that you are alone but it is sweet to be in the right arms, you sure deserve all the pampering. Is it education, business, work, wrong choice or is it drugs?  Pick up that willpower, pick up that determination, and self-esteem.You can make it better by being ready to elevate yourself positively. 

Do not believe you have no choice

Some people say, they only stick in a marriage or relationship because of their children but I say, if you are not happy, you can’t share what you don’t have. Why return to someone who always makes you feel low, frustrated, sad, miserable or teary? A relationship where all you recollect weekly is how many times you had conflicts or heated arguments which left both of you unhealthy. A relationship where your self-esteem is drained, leaving you depressed? You aren’t too old or ugly to be loved and pampered by the right person. Heal your mind like I always say. 
Leave drugs behind, by turning your back forever and move on to be a better person you really were created to be.




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