Sometimes, I sincerely query the mindset of some judges who might be unstable and indistinctive with decisions which might either break or destroy innocent lives. Some court judges will make a decision according to their experience, knowledge or personal state of mind. That’s why some lawyers or caseworkers say, it depends on the judge’s mood.  Well, shall we say, the court judge who wrongfully sentenced Mr. Andrew Wilson of Los Angeles to 32 years imprisonment, was in a bad mood?


It was in 1984, that a severe attack occurred where a 21-year-old Christopher Hanson was robbed and stabbed, but Andrew Wilson was found guilty of that crime.

How does it feel to be lied against

I will tell you this for a start, you can say whatever you like about me, but if you dare lie against me, I will take it a step further to clear my name. Who can be comfortable to be wrongfully accused? Some people are tormented and forced to accept crimes they did not commit. I can’t imagine the day Andrew Wilson, went to court 32 years ago, and listened to the judge and obviously, the jury finds him guilty and sentenced to 32 years. Imagine how deadly that fear might have been?

Would his life get better or worse? 

Firstly, a poor man was deprived of opportunities and growth for 32years of his life, those years cannot be regained neither will his loss. Secondly, how can he feel welcome and focused in a world full of stigma and hate? The good thing is looking at the bright side by attending counseling sessions and focusing on those things or places that will boost his hope. He can get better and motivated if he mixes with the right crowd. 

I wish him the best and thank Loyola team for effectiveness.


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