Do you know who your neighbour is? Who is living next door to you? Sometimes, we might be living next door to murderers who are beyond dangerous but how do we know? In California, a couple chained their children to beds for years while they starved them frequently. Yes, they seldom go out but only for group shopping. Those children were in hell.

Who are those two parents? 

The husband called David is 57 years old and wife, Louise is 49 years old. They both claimed that it was God’s calling to chain, starve and lock them up for years. These days, many people who claim to be religious leaders or even Christians should seek psychological treatment. That calling is no doubt from the devil, not God. How can parents watch their children suffer so much? Even the 29-year-old son looked like an underage. All of them were smelling when the police found them chained to beds in a filthy house! I thought to myself, they could have tried to escape, couldn’t they? Isn’t that traumatising? Why are some human beings so devilish? Pure accursed minds they have! Those kids were sometimes seen by neighbours, digging for food in the dustbins. Grandparents thought all went well with them since those two parents claimed to be Christians. On some holidays, they all had a matching uniform but you will never guess they live in the house of horror!  

A 17-year-old escaped with a cell phone

How did they escape? A teenager was so lucky to find a cell phone somewhere in the house, where she escaped from before calling the police. The police doubt she is 17 years old as she is so malnourished like other siblings. They thought she is 10yrs old. All children are now treated in hospital.

Poor children.


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