From afar, if anyone told me that there are some people who prefer to sleep on dangerous streets at night instead of a warm bed, I will dispute it. Not until when I came across Den, a homeless man who prefers to sleep rough. Obviously, he has some weird reasons. 

Firstly, let me tell me about some reasons which leave some people homeless?

Assuming someone is not allowed to stay in the United Kingdom, for instance, such person will automatically be disallowed from receiving government benefits. Bear in mind that he or she has no one, neither do they have family or friends.Such person with no income, jobs, family or friend, might end up on the streets.That person can find it hard to get any employment which can cause him or her, to be homeless. Mental imbalance too could contribute to homelessness.


Den said he prefers to sleep on dangerous streets every night!

A man called Den, who is in his late 50s, tall and good looking to an extent, was seen sleeping rough. His carer said, he holds a British passport, he receives benefits weekly, he attends a hostel for a daily shower but will never sleep inside the hostel for some reasons, which I will outline below. The carer said  Den was once a council tenant until he went back on alcohol which turns him into a nasty man. 

When I asked Den, why he doesn’t want to try a hostel, he said, he earns more than £200 daily from alms, additional to benefits. He said, he hates living in hostels or anywhere indoors because people annoy him, he will pay rent, water rate, phone bills, follow the law, pay council tax, shopping and other responsibilities which he hates.

Not everyone on the streets appreciates a house or accommodation. 


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