A homeless person is someone who has no place to call a home. The person can not rely on friends or family, while there is nothing for them saved aside. It is really dreadful to even imagine anyone will be so alone to the extent of ending up on the streets. Don’t forget that the government funds might not help people who don’t have a proof of identification which includes a passport. 

What goes on out there on the streets, when it is dark?

When it is dark, don’t forget how frightening it is for some people. Some weird people attack those on the streets physically and mentally. Some homeless people are murdered. It is dangerous to sleep on the streets at any time but sadly, what can most of those people do? They wake up in the morning to face consequences. 

What’s the temperature at nights and how does it affect homeless people?

Do you know that some nights in England can be as cold as 3c? It does get colder in some other parts. We mostly will conclude that most nights are cold considering the disappearance of the sun. When night falls, the weather gets unfriendly for those on the streets, including babies, expectant mothers, elderly people and others. When some people find themselves in an unexpected situation, it overwhelms them. That’s how they blatantly find themselves on cold lonely streets. imagine how cold you feel just walking home from work at nights, talk less of those who are sleeping on those streets? I cannot comprehend such experience they face each day.

You can visit the doctor but they can’t. You eat whatever you like anytime, they can’t. You switch on the heater when cold,  they can’t. What a life.

Not all those on the streets are criminals!


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