This is a message from a joyful heart, wishing you  a prosperous new year 2018.  Although, 2017 might have been pretty challenging but aren’t we glad this is another opportunity to try again? Yes, we have the opportunity to amend and retry. Click 

What is your new year resolution?

Every 31st of December – 1st January, i can’t seem to curtail the excitement within me knowing i am not the only one who comes up with a list for a new resolution. After few weeks, some people might forget it, until they reach another 31st. . Some people started January 1st 2017 but unfortunately, they lost their lives. May their souls rest in peace. Those who are grieving now, i pray you find peace of mind.

This new year 2018 will be a year of opportunities and success for many of us because already, i can feel that. 

What were your achievements in year 2017?

The year 2017 was  pretty strange, yet, interesting year where some unforeseen circumstances became almost ridiculously overwhelming for me personally but to God be the glory, i am alive to witness a new year of hope and success. A good lesson i have learnt is to always believe in myself and that is why i visit my write-ups, lectures, updates, blogs, articles, reports, talk shows, prayers and  interviews to assimilate each word that will uplift me whenever i feel down. I get inspired by my encouraging words. 


Let’s remember to use our voice positively, so that Africans in Libya will be freed!

Last night, i watched a video where some Libyan guys were hitting a Nigerian guy hard with a rod after which they took out a knife and start stabbing him until he gave up the ghost. What’s the way forward?

Look at the positive side this year. 

Happy new year 2018!


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