There’s a saying which reminds us that ‘charity begins at home’. It means whenever someone misbehaves, the upbringing might have been poor. But that isn’t in all cases.  Some people with top-notch upbringing might still turn out to be vicious or disgraceful. 

How can a lady pee on a homeless old man?

It’s so sickening to watch the video where a young lady pulled down her pink shorts, then pee on a helpless old black man, who is homeless?  Colour doesn’t matter! Friends are heard in the background laughing and cheering her up. What has this world turned to? It pains me severely watching such unruly girl.  Where are those girls’ parents?  Why are they so evil, to the extent that they feel no compassion for a helpless man who is old, weary, feeble and homeless?  

Another video;  two teenage girls walked down to a sleeping old homeless man and started hitting his face with a sharp object which left him in a pool of blood.  After that,  they dragged him around? Where is love? 

Who disciplines unruly kids these days?

It seems these days, many children and young people can almost get away with murder. Some parents are afraid of disciplining and smacking their children when they deserve iron hand sometimes.  Let us bear in mind that some parents do go behind a reasonable parameter to hurt or directly abuse their children which is wrong.  In this case, the iron hand is referring to strict upbringing only when it’s necessary.  Children must be loved, reminded of our love but never let them get away with ills or dangerous acts. 

The government should ease rules which can allow parents to put their children in order so that they will not grow up to destroy the world. 


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