Season greetings to everyone who is either scrolling through or who has the time to read this blog. It is with a glad heart i greet you, all. 

The sky is always bright if you believe. Wishing you a merry Christmas (C).

I seize this opportunity to thank you for love, care, support, assistance of different types. Who am i without you friends and family who always appreciate me. There’s nothing we can do without each other, which is why we should try our best to make impact wherever we find ourselves.

Christmas time is the time to express love and happiness with those around us without being bias. click this greetings.   

Remember this season is a yearly season where we commemorate the birth of our Lord Jesus Christ. At the same time, it is a good season for we Christians to reflect on those things we haven’t been able to achieve religiously, knowing, our father Jesus is full of forgiving heart. We should congratulate ourselves for witnessing another  Christmas. It is not about big meal, big house, little house, posh restaurants or lovely wears. Rather, it is about sharing and caring for those who knock on our doors for support without promulgating it to third party. Charity is the greatest love, do you give out of love?

What have you accomplished from last Christmas?

We should ask ourselves if there’s been any achievement from last Christmas or not. Has there been any difference? Do you wish you could have done better? This is another opportunity for you to amend or rectify.

The sky is always bright if you believe.

I wish you, a merry Christmas!.

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TinuTino · 25 December 2017 at 1:24 AM

Merry Christmas!

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