Open your eyes not to be deceived by predator pastors. Say: “Satan get thee behind me”.
Most Nigerians should stop worshipping pastors as gods who are not to be questioned or queried. No one is God.
As a matter of fact and contrary to their false claims, many of the so called pastors are not called by God but by Mammon. And they are not “men of God” but disciples of Satan and Lucifer. Call a spade a spade!. 
Gilbert, a poplar Nigerian pastor, fondles a little boy while he had paternal right over that boy. How can he have  erection for such a young boy? It’s saying the obvious, the  experience will be devastating for the boy, his parents, and Gilbert;s pregnant wife.
After that boy, he did more! He must have had sexual relationships with men in church discreetly until he was exposed. 

Who’s he and what’s he? 

Now that the UK based Nigerian pastor  has been released from prison, Is he Bisexual?  Gay? Transgender?  Or what?  He confessed to the police that he has been struggling with his sexuality. Sad that the boy he sexually assaulted was under his care back then while his wife was pregnant.  
How can he advise his congregation on the twin problems of adultery and  fornication and marriage in general?
Is he tamed or cured of his sexual molestation? Or has he been cured of his philanderous sexual adventures all of a sudden? 

Who are the true Christians these days?

You can count them on your finger tips. I’m not criticising his sexuality,  No, but he  should come out of the closet and boldly acknowledge his sexuality so, we can save potential victims especially  our children from his sexual exploitation and  from subjecting  his wife from unbearable nightmares from sadness and depression.  


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