When you read about so many stories of police brutality towards blacks these days, your happy mood will turn round. Why would police officers handle suspects brutally? Do some police officers practice racism or what? 

https://youtu.be/irW_vm4zC6E  One minute silence, click here.

How did Nuno die?

Police said they tried to resuscitate him

We have heard that some police officers did stop the police van so that they could administer cardiopulmonary resuscitation  (CPR). After they realised it was getting almost out of hand, they requested for more officers who arrived to help. 

At what stage did Nuno become unwell? Did he cry out for help effortlessly but was ignored or what exactly led to his death? we hope truth prevails. Friends from his university and family members are protesting.

Rest in peace Nuno Cardoso!


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