Life and death only have a thin line between them. I certainly have an in-depth understanding of that phrase. No wonder some people will remain health conscious till they take their last breath. 

Reasons to look after yourself

Within the twinkle of an eye, anything can happen drastically, especially if you don’t look after yourself healthily enough. 

Young adults don’t get sick as much as adults, that could be the reason why 30% of them never visit their doctor.

As we grow older, we might discover some changes in our body, some changes might mean we see a doctor.

Chronic diseases such as heart failure, high blood pressure, obesity, diabetes, and cancer begin to grow over the years.

How did I courageously safe my friend from dying of stroke?     

One evening, I sat with a friend laughing, joking and relaxing until suddenly my friend lost balance on one side of the body, like completely feeble, not able to talk. I tried giving my friend some water to drink before calling a cab straight to the hospital. It left me in shock, but I kept praying at the same time because there was no one else around to help. Click

It took a bit over a year for this friend to get healed from an unprecedented stroke.  The stroke which kept my friend in a wheelchair in the hospital for months without prior warning? I still cannot believe that one can walk or jump happily one minute but die the next!

My mum told me that, my dad didn’t say goodbye before he died, so she wouldn’t say goodbye before she goes too, now I understand.  Let us appreciate, share and love while we are privileged to breathe. 

Think F.A.S.T: which means, you look out for signs on the face, arms, speech and time. 



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