Let’s remind each other that we came to this world nude and we will return nude.

Is there anything new under the sun? Before you say no, visit that restaurant in France where all customers are asked to drop pants, trousers, knickers, clothes, and coats at the entrance before they enter the restaurant. Yes, I know that feeling alright! 

Wonders shall never end, as Paris opens its first nudist restaurant to wine and dine!

A restaurant in Paris asks customers to leave their pants and clothes at the door, immediately they enter. That is the first nudist restaurant in Paris where classic meal like Foie gras, lobster, and snails are served. Let’s hope randy customers can behave after consuming enough aphrodisiacs like oysters? Not funny there for those men! Smiles. 



Why nude in a restaurant

The nudist restaurant is situated in Southwest of Paris and it is named O’naturel.

How do some customers control their inhibitions in a situation like that? Especially, those who are new to that sort of ‘show’. Oh, is it for those who bare it naked at beaches or so? I am sure the owners realised that a lot of naturists do visit that terrain frequently hence the quick decision to introduce a ‘wow’ business.

How does it feel to sit down naked in public? No, I don’t wish to experience that. It will be so strange to some people I am certain. Imagine strange things introduced to this world each day…….oh dear!

The good thing is that mobile phones are disallowed.





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