Who will be so heartless to kill an old helpless grandfather, who was so happy when the winning came?  Imagine when Christmas is close by, the poor man and his daughter would have been over the moon. 

Noel and Marie Brown’s bodies were found  

Mr. Noel Brown was regularly at bookmakers until he won £2,000 recently. His body and his daughter Marie Brown were both found in his house in Deptford. This gets you demoralised!

While police keep searching for proof in wheelie bins and drains, locals explained that they might have been murdered over Mr. Brown’s new winning.

Although a neighbour confirmed she heard screams early hours, she didn’t take it seriously.

Police believe the grandfather would have been the target after the big winning but daughter got caught in the middle while she was protecting 69-year-old grandfather from perpetrators. Isn’t this horrific? Who attacks an old man over his winning?   Click   https://youtu.be/7J5igNlvJvY

They are still trying to piece together movements of the pair, considering it’s early stage. How gruesome!

How safe are we, at home? 

We see people walking past us at the workplace, neighbourhood, religious places, events and even train stations but who can identify a killer who has just killed an innocent person? How do we know who will attack our neighbours? How are we sure our neighbours are not dangerous? 

Let’s keep our locks and security locks airtight. Always go back and check all doors are properly secured and firmly locked. Call the police when you hear unfriendly noise from your neighbour’s house. 

Rest in peace both. 



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