Today, December 6th, 2017, good Nigerians in the United Kingdom (U.K) welcome a new high commissioner to U.K in style. 

Femi Okutubo, the reputable publisher of Trumpet newspaper and Magazines, gave live coverage of regal entry of Nigeria’s new High Commissioner to U.K.  The new high commissioner’s name is Hon justice George Adesola Oguntade.  He was born in ijebu-ode Nigeria on March 10, 1940.  He was in private legal practice for 14 years and was appointed a judge of the Lagos state High court in 1980. In the year 2004, he was promoted to the highest court in Nigeria which is the supreme court where he pragmatically served until his retirement at the age of 70.  

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Need for Nigeria’s high commissioner to U.K 

We Nigerians abroad need oneness among each other for a start, don’t we?  

To enable the advancement of smooth running of activities affecting Nigerians abroad, we need an ambassador.  May I ask Nigerians who have constantly used their British passport to travel back to Nigeria in the past, what experience they faced in high commission Northumberland London? Out of five hundred Nigerians with British Passport seeking visas, at least three hundred and ten will give negative stories of past experience at high commission London. 

Unhealthy approach at Nigeria high commission Northumberland, London 

One day, I remembered it cost me over £350 to even get a visa to enter my fatherland? The worst is frequent news that their system is down, meaning you walk for almost an hour searching for a free computer to use in a cafe.  There was a time it became a bit fair.

There is an assurance that he will be able to influence the smooth running of that section. 

He can represent Nigerians in U.K, smoothing relationships between Nigerians in U.K and our brothers and sisters back in Nigeria.  



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