What feelings do you have when you are in love? 

Let me start by singing you this song by Teddy Pendergrass. “It’s so good loving somebody and that somebody loves you back. To be loved and be loved in return… It’s the only thing that my heart desires”. Etcetera. My favourite song.  

When you love someone who feels exactly the same as you do, your day will flourish with hope and happiness. It’s one thing to love and it is another thing to love the right person. Being in love with a wrong person will bring tears and sadness, you need to avoid that.


Qualities of a soulmate

Below are few qualities of a soulmate. When you meet your soulmate, it will make that ‘journey of love’ smooth and sweet. Yes, there’s always disagreements or misunderstanding in every relationship but since you are with your soulmate, you are able to surpass such dark days.

A soulmate will bond with you romantically, spiritually and physically. It will be difficult to leave each other’s side sometimes. There’s affinity, bond, synonymous interests, shared values and pure love. That special soulmate will be different from all previous relationships you have had in the past because he or she will leave a forever imprint of happiness and love in your soul.  

Reasons we get mesmerised when we choose that soulmate 

Reasons for choosing a soulmate is based on the fact that you must be happy within yourself so that you can share that with people around you. I tell people that, it is impossible to give anyone the love you don’t have. A soulmate is supportive, loyal, understanding and warm towards you. They make you feel special and free in communication. Above all, you feel mesmerised with those qualities showered on you. 




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