Is it possible for anyone who is living happily in his or her country leave such happy life behind and flee to a danger zone like Libya? They are deprived of basic amenities that is why they flee to danger zone in Libya.


Nigeria today is not great 

Nigeria is deteriorating under this government, leaving innumerable Nigerians dismayed and worried.  In fear of dangerous uncertainty,  a lot of Nigerians are either relocating or fleeing abroad for greener pastures.  Sadly, slave masters are waiting to sell them off once they are noticed in Libya.
Migrants face enslavement,  rape, beatings, and kidnapping.
CNN was informed about nine locations were slavery takes place and an investigation is on the way.

Nigerian girls are raped and killed.  One was tied up like a goat in a slaughterhouse while been sexually assaulted.  It was in an isolated uncompleted building.
What is Nigerian government doing to withdraw all Nigerians from  Libya?  What jobs are secured for them on their arrival back home? Little or zilch!


$400 for each slave?  

Libya of all countries now have markets for selling slaves? They now sell blacks,  especially Nigerians as if they are selling clothes or shoes? $400 for each slave.
We have heard how they are lined up in a row ready to slaughter them one after the other.

Nigerians don’t go to Libya, please!

Recently,  26 Nigerian girls were raped and thrown in the Mediterranean Sea.  That’s one of the treatments Nigerians fleeing to Libya face. 

Nigerians should refrain from traveling to Libya!

CNN released a video of young men being sold to slavery market last week.  Most of them were Nigerians.


Libya government did promise to investigate, but would that make a difference?

  1. Nigerians who ‘must’ desperately leave Nigeria which is understandable,  should avoid nasty terrains like Libya. 



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