Prince William lends a helping hand to prevent cyber-bullying 

Prince got inspired by a story of a mum who lost her 17-year-old to social media cyber-bullying.

The boy was named Felix, who lived in Worcester until he committed suicide after the overpowered attack from those who bullied him online.


What is cyber-bullying

Cyber-bullying is a wicked act of intimidation on social media. It is a bullying behavior on social media, games, snap chat, Facebook, Twitter, Google, Instagram and other social media networks where perpetrators spread false stories about an innocent person with intention of bringing the person down. It includes posting embarrassing video/s, photos or messages which shouldn’t be viewable to the public.

Some people target innocent people by using fake accounts or anonymous account to attack.


Bullies are toxic

My question; why are some people so toxic?  Are they deprived of happiness or hope?

What bites through their heart must be more severe than cancer, otherwise, they wouldn’t be so full of hatred and jealousy.

It is a sweltering race for anyone who is struggling to cope with cyber-bullying, intimidation, and bullying in public places. 

Over the years, we have heard of frightening incidents where innocent people including young people and children get bullied at school, workplace, and Internet.  Well, the law will catch up with perpetrators soon.

These days, grownups too experience cyber-bullying which is so horrific.


We all need to look out for innocent people experiencing cyber-bullying so that we bring a kind of attunement and hope to victims.


Prince William and his intention to quell cyber-bullying

The prince has met with cyber-bullying task-force at Google Headquarters to discuss a way forward to a safer space.


Please block all bullies and report them immediately to authorities.




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TinuTino · 16 November 2017 at 5:29 PM

We truly need more experts to quell this horrific attack called cyber-bullying.

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