Rohingya crisis is teary!   

Since August 2017, women, children, elderly, babies and toddlers have been forced to flee to Bangladesh escaping violence from Myanmar  They are over 600.000 in numbers, all looking pale, exhausted, hungry and traumatised as they have been walking through their villages in the jungles, across rivers and mountains for days. 

What led to fleeing

Over 600.000 Rohingya, a Muslim ethnic minority group, have been experiencing persecution in Myanmar’s western Rakhine State. Their homes have been burnt, some children have watched their parents burnt alive, some watched their family members hatched to death by soldiers, not forgetting some of them were raped. 

It’s been a continuous discriminatory policy and approach from Myanmar’s government,  as predominantly, Buddhist have lived in  Myanmar.   Rohingya Muslims have faced intimidating violence since 1970, which is repeating itself again. Many have fled to Bangladesh, while others have fled to Malaysia,  Indonesia, and Thailand via sea. 

Such violence is repeated again since August 2017 where children, expectant mothers, widows, elderly, babies all face dolor. Most of them now flee from arson, reported rape and murder. Even girls as little as 12 years old have witnessed the gruesome attack on their parents.

Girls and kids are vulnerable 

Pimps are hiding around to buy little girls of about 10-14 years old for sex trafficking. They buy those girls for £5 each from parents or carers who need money for food or medicine. Bangladesh is known for the notorious sex trade, where pimps pry on victim’s weakness.

Refugee camps face such devastating attack on poor girls and kids. 

It is a shame because there’s nowhere for victims to turn.

Theresa May, Britain’s prime minister, says, “it looks like textbook ethnic cleansing”.

I  believe it is a massacre and everyone involved in that gruesome attack should be prosecuted.

United Nations, please step in!

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