It should be clear that working incessantly doesn’t make you rich without  you being smart or start planning smart for the future. A person who has enough invested towards retirement is richer than someone who lives large today without enough investment to feed his or her retirement.

An example

A bank cashier who counts money each day without investment or foresight to secure a bright future  cannot become rich, except a smart plan put in place towards the future..

I am certain that whatever your expertise or  profession, you can only be successful by investments and focus.. 

It never dawned on me quicker, as i always believed all those bank cashiers must be so wealthy because they are always handling money. Unfortunately, as i grew older, i realised how wrong i was.

In fact, i have seen some bank cashiers as broke as anything just like i heard how some bank managers live on bank loans and cards without one investment for their future.


What exactly makes you wealthy?

To begin with, learn to embrace investments on properties, stocks, shares etcetera. Don’t be scared of depriving yourself of some certain luxury, which is only for a short time. 

You can become successful in anything you do once you have the passion for it, while you build yourself firm enough to withstand any unforeseen challenge. You need good connection to mingle with frequently. 

For those who spend unnecessary largess money on fast cars, mansions, holidays and best gears today, might only  enjoy temporary happiness, unless such people have adequate investment for the future.

Your hard work alone cannot make you rich but rather, your  ability  to overcome financial hiccups which might crop up in the future, when you become a retired person who deserves to sit back and relax.

Be wise




Joseph Fagbola · 11 November 2017 at 1:34 AM

Ere Kan kan ko si ninu agbowoka

    TinuTino · 13 November 2017 at 1:58 PM

    Please translate. Smiles.

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